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N.V. Offley Porto Rosé Porto

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Vintage: Non Vintage
Type: Rose Port
Country: Portugal- Douro- Porto

This is a straight forward pink port that I picked up in the Waitrose Wine Hall. Served chilled between 10-12 degrees Celcius and it releases its fruity aromas. Try drinking this in the early afternoon when it is hot outside, maybe while snacking on honey roasted peanuts. This could easily replace a Pimm’s when you are enjoying the sunshine in your back garden … because everyone has a sunny back garden in Central London, right?

Technical Analysis


Clear medium pink.


Clean, strawberry aromas.


Sweet. Medium acidity and medium body. Low tannin. Flavour characteristics of strawberry. Medium finish.



Offley Porto Barrão de Forrester Colheita 1994

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Vintage: 1994
Type: Tawny Port – Colheita
Country: Portugal – Douro

This Colheita was very good. A Tawny port made from a single vintage year and set to age for a period of time — in this case 15 years. As to be expected, it falls between a 10 and 20 year old tawny in terms of flavours and complexity. Full of dried fruit and nutty flavours with hints of caramel. Overall quite smooth a good finish.