2008 Merlot by Franciscan Estate Napa Valley

Written by eleanor on January 28th, 2013

Vintage: 2008
Type: Merlot
Country: USA — California — Napa Valley

2008 Merlot by Franciscan Estate in Napa Valley

This is a bottle  of wine I picked up at a local grocery store in San Diego. I paired it with leftover pizza but I think this wine deserves much more! It deserves to accompany a proper slow-cooked Sunday meal. It would certainly develop nicely in your glass over an evening of good conversation. This is a very good wine from Napa Valley that reminds me of some wines I have tasted on the Right Bank of Bordeaux.

Technical Review

Clear, deep garnet.

Clean, pronounced aromas of cherry, ripe strawberry and plum. A subtle herbal note.

Dry, high acidity, light tannins, medium body. Medium alcohol.
Flavour characteristics similar to the nose but with a smooth vanilla feel. Long finish.

Very good with potential for ageing. High priced (approximately USD$20) per bottle.