Ocean’s Ridge Pinot Noir 2008

Written by eleanor on January 25th, 2012

Vintage: 2008
Type: Pinot Noir
Country: New Zealand – Marlborough

This was a gift presented by friends from New Zealand and Australia. New Zealand is a region that has Pinot Noirs rivalling those of Burgundy … this one lives up to the reputation. It is a light, lively, fruity red wine that goes well with summer dinners. It is 13% alcohol and easy to drink quickly, so slow down and savour it with your food. This wine was paired with Italian roasted tomato sausages and mushroom tortellini in a creamy basil sauce.

Technical Review

Clear, pale Ruby.
Clean, medium. Characteristics of strawberries and cherry. Some sweet spice, such as Cinnamon.

Medium acidity. Low tannin. Flavours of red fruit, although not complex. Medium body. Medium length finish.
Very good.