Kopke Porto Colheita 1983

Written by neal on October 5th, 2010

Vintage: 1983
Type: Tawny Port – Colheita
Country: Portugal – Douro

Colheitas are a strange beast, namely a vintage tawny. Usually only produced in exceptional years, another odd factor is that many of the top port houses do not produce Colheitas. On important item to note when buying a Colheita is when it was bottled as once it has been filtered and bottled it will no longer age and will only remain at its top quality for a couple of years (and only a few days after it has been opened). This particular bottle was bottled in 2010.

Overall, this Colheita was very good. Full of dried fruit and nutty flavours with great hints of caramel. Overall very smooth flavour and a great long-lasting finish. Great for a special occasion and recommend.


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