Conan the Barbera – Barbera D’Asti 2007

Written by neal on September 30th, 2010

Vintage: 2007
Type: Barbera d’Asti
Country: Italy – Piedmont

I purchased this wine after reading a good review of it a couple of months ago. The label, especially the back was quite humorous and jolly — typically a warning for a mediocre bottle. Of course this wasn’t the case.

I decanted the wine around midday and at the time it was closed up tight, so I left it to rest until the evening. One thing to note is that the cork on the bottle was very serious (which is great as this wine will benefit from laying down for a number of years).

In the evening, I poured a glass and began to explore. The colour was incredibly dark, almost opaque. On the nose it was full of berries with a bit of earth on the side. On the tongue it is a true pleasure of tannic acidity (your mouth waters as you taste) filled with vivid fruit flavours. It’s full bodied and serious, so it may not be to everyone’s palette.

Given the acidity and the quality of the bottling, this wine will happily sit for many years. You can find the wine here: